The Great Pause needs to lead to The Great Realisation

Without a drastic global change in the next 9 years, our achievements will become futile if we can no longer sustain the most basic of our human needs. I believe one of the ways to enter the new conceptual age, in which we live more symbiotically with the natural world, is to return to the mythopoetry of the past; the ancient stories and practices in which we were merely a speck in a cosmos we did not attempt to control.

 Currently creating a series of 'Blueprints for the future' in cyanotypes as well as smaller sculptures in pollution absorbing NOXTEK, I bring together my background as physicist, artist, public speaker and innovator, to address diminishing air quality and biodiversity in an increasingly technological, Anthropogenic world. 



22nd October, Winner for Arts of PEA Awards (People, Environment, Achievements).

5th-7th November Rewilding Light Projection for COP26 with BEYOND GREEN

11-25th November Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries

Installed  'Breathe' a sculpture in NOXTEK in Euston above the Camden People's Theatre

Winners of the DEFRA ' Bees Needs Award' for the gardens at The Horniman Museum 

‘I do not have time for this: the man with the movie camera lied. Mechanisation of respiration has not given us leave to breathe freely. Instead it has devalued and made less intimate the craft with which we fill our lungs. I have time for this: inhalation and meditation upon the fragrances that hang as a heady perfume in the frenetic city. The grease, the oil, the fumes that toxify cut through by a lightness that demands to be waited upon. It is [is it?] telling that the opposite to this idiom is expressed through inhalation: stop and smell the flowers. I demand that time.’ 

An excerpt from 'On the location of breath' By writer and curator Richard Hore