July         Shortlisted for the Inaugural Sustainbility First Art Prize

June        Speaker St Petersburg Design Week The power of art in prospects for design and materials of the future. Organised by Artistik Bazaar

June        Keynote Speaker and Exhibiting Artist for LSBU Sustainability and Climate Action Event Series open to the Public

August    The Horniman Museum A NOx absorbing sculpture 'Flower Girl' for the new Bee Garden installed 

August  Installation 'Breathe' A Public Art sculpture with MTART Agency, Euston Green Link, The Mayor of London Fund, Alsitek and Solar Polar


The Great Pause needs to lead to The Great Realisation


Without a drastic global change in the next 10 years, our achievements will become futile if we can no longer sustain the most basic of our human needs. I believe one of the ways to enter the new conceptual age, in which we live more symbiotically with the natural world, is to return to the mythopoetry of the past; the ancient stories and practices in which we were merely a speck in a cosmos we did not attempt to control.

From ‘holograms you can touch’ in new and discarded plastics, to sculptures in pollution absorbing ceramics I bring together my background as physicist, artist, public speaker and innovator, to address the diminishing air quality and unsustainable practices on an increasingly Anthropogenic world. 


“Pradissitto offers up a fractured visual plane upon which pictorial traditions and art theory meet with Quantum theory and scientific methods. She welcomes us to the Quantum Age with an astoundingly proficient artistry that leaves one embodied, empowered and present in a world that will oft leave us unanchored and lost. Where subject meets light meets object, so too does Art meet Science.”


Richard Hore-Curator